Designs for Theatre – Exhibition

The Market Place Theatre and Gallery, Armagh – Friday 11th January – 23 February, 2019

The exhibition showed a wide range of work created in over 40 yearsof working as a professionl designer of settings, costumes and lighting for plays, ballets and operas as well as alternative forms of staging for dance and theatre. The process of working from the initial ideas and concept concept to fully realised staging was shown through models, plans and drawings as well as photographs, background information and a slide show and portfolio of work.

The exhibition was opened by the sculptor Jasper McKinney MBE and featured limited edition Giclée Prints of some 18 costume and set designs on archival quality art paper. I printed the designs at Creative Spark in Dundalk, where I was the Artist-in-Residence from December 2018 until the end of February 2019 and these are now available to purchase.

Work featured in the exhibiton included:
TOO YOUNG FOR GHOSTS – Model scale 1:25.
Design and Lighting:
The Stage Company, 1984 at the Space Theatre, Adelaide.
By Janis Bolidis. Director Henry Salter.

PLAYING MOLIERE – Model and drawings – scale 1:25
Design and Lighting:
The Stage Company, 1984 at the Space Theatre, Adelaide.
By Gary Langford. Director John Noble.

DREAMS IN AN EMPTY CITY – Model and plans – scale 1:25; stage manager’s log and costumes.
Perth, Western Australia, 1987.
By Stephen Sewell. Director Ross Coli.

ABDUCTING DIANA – Model scale 1:25.
Pleasance Theatre 1994, Edinburgh Festival.
By Dario Fo. Director Jonathan Banatvala.

LA BAYADÈRE – Act 1 Sc. 2 and Shades Models scale of 1:50, Photographs, Drawings and 6 Costume Designs. (still in repertoire)
Design and Lighting:
National Ballet of Japan 2000, New National Theatre, Tokyo. Production and Choreography Asami Maki.
Music Léon Minkus arranged and conducted by John Lanchberry
Guest Artist – Carlos Acosta courtesy Royal Ballet.

CINDERELLA – Parts of Ballroom and transformation models Scale 1:25, 6 Costume Designs.
Ballet de Chambre 1979, Tokyo (British Council sponsored project).
Ballet with Music by Prokofiev. Choreography after Sir Frederick Ashton.

TALES OF HOFFMANN, Project set design drawing Act 2, 5 Costume Designs.
Scottish Ballet, 1972; Australian Ballet, 1983; Asami Maki company, Tokyo 1990 (still in repertoire).
Production and choreography Peter Darrell.
Music by Jacques Offenbach, arranged by John Lanchberry.
Ballerina role originally created on Elaine McDonald.

THE ABDUCTION FROM THE SERAGLIO, 1984 – Parts of Model scale 1:25, Poster and Working Drawings.
Design and Lighting:
State Opera of South Australia.
Director and Conductor Dennis Olsen.
Music by Amadeus Mozart.

Choreography Mark Baldwin.
For Dance Umbrella.
With Lynn Seymour and Lucy Burge.

BLOOD WEDDING, 1973 – Poster and 2 Original Framed Costume Designs .
The Abbey Theatre, Dublin.
By Garcia Lorca.
Director Colm O’Briain.

METROPOLIS, 1985 – Artwork derived from set model and 6 Costume Designs.
Design and Lighting:
Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide.
Production and Choreography David Atkins.

GLASS MENAGERIE, 1984 – Framed Drawing of Set.
The Peacock Theatre, Dublin.
By Tennessee Williams.
Director Vincent Dowling